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David M

William Bryant, I’ve wondered the same thing about Dr Kang and his success with Direct Hernias. Most of the people on this board who have visited him seem to have had indirect, and given that his surgeries are different for each, it’s not really much help to know that they had a good outcome.

Chuck, for a long time, I have batted around tissue repair vs open vs lap. I’m about undecided as ive always been. Lap surgery was originally lowest on my list, but it has moved up recently, all the problems notwithstanding. One of the cliche-ish sounding reasons for advising lap is the bicycle patch analogy, that a patch is stronger on the inside of a tube than the outside. While I think that sounds too pat, ive come to think that maybe given a large size direct that it actually does seem more likely to prevent the hernia from pushing through. Any thoughts on this? Also, can you quit so dramatic about your life being over? People cope, and we know you will,too!

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