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I am french and I had a shouldice inguinal hernia surgery 15 days ago in Germany. I mean a pure tissue repair. This surgery has been organised with BIOHERNIA an organisation that schedule the appointments with the surgeons. I can just testify that even if my healing process is not finish I feel great. The afternoon after the morning surgery I have walked 5 kms withou pain. The surgeon ( I will not quote any name) was one of the three highly specialised surgeon that you will find on BIOHERNIA web site. He was very hearty and very professionnal and his team was exactly like him. I remenber he told me just before I felt asleep with anesthesia ” you are in good hands and I will take all the time needed to perform the surgery ” So I don’t know if later I will get some complication like chronic pain but I am deeply convinced that if you carry a piece of plastic mesh inside your groin you will be much more in risk of harsh complications. I mention also that in the USA you will pay may be 3 to 4 times what I have paid. An other good place , I think, for people living in north America is the Shouldice hospital in Toronto. Here is a blog of former patients from Shouldice hospital in Toronto exchanging about their surgery.

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