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Good intentions

When you guys are researching pain and chronic pain and discomfort you should try to differentiate static pain from dynamic pain. My discomfort from mesh was mostly static. Sitting in a chair, like a person would do to work on a computer, was not tolerable. I actually progressed from an office chair, to a straight-backed dining table chair, to standing up while trying to work on a computer. So that I could focus on what I was trying to do for more than a few minutes. I built a stand for my monitor and keyboard to raise them up so that I could stand. I tried kneeling on the dining table chair so that I wouldn’t have to stand for so long. None of it worked well.

On the other hand, movement made the surgery area feel better. Exercise, running, bike riding all felt good while in motion. But the effects of the movement made the static discomfort worse. I found that I could get about a half-day’s worth of feeling “normal” the day after exercise. But the discomfort always came back. I ended up in a cycle of 2-3 days trying to find some balance that would make life bearable. While this was going on other family members who could have used my presence did not get it. I was almost completely preoccupied with trying to learn how to live with the mesh in my body.

I have often thought that implanting mesh would be a good torture technique. Implant two large pieces of mesh, make the victim exercise then lock them in a cell where they have no freedom to move. Promise to remove the mesh if they tell their secrets.

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