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  • marcello71

    March 27, 2017 at 3:25 am

    Well after I have my progrip removal, I promise to come back & report my outcome as well as just how possible or impossible it was to remove all of it without epigastric vessels being clipped off or nerves being cut. I believe it will be nothing short of an absolute miracle if all of my mesh can be removed. But the part that’s sometimes too hard to remove it from safely is the iliac artery. However I do have a lot of confidence in my removal surgeon, I understand that he’s only trying to fix someone else’s mess & that I’m coming to him already in this boat.

    In fact if my removal surgeon is able to remove all of both my inguinal meshes without having to clip off my inferior epigastrics, without me losing a testicle, sustaining a bladder injury or requiring a vasectomy(from vas def damage); then I hereby proclaim that he be regarded as the greatest mesh removal surgeon alive. Which I will attest to for decades into the future to all other patients I speak to.

    And yes ‘Mesh’ this is true, once they place progrip in the wrong place your screwed like me. My surgeon placed my left inguinal piece too high exposing the bottom lateral edge to my spermatic cord too much. This edge has proceeded to erode into my left cord slowly over the last 24 months(like a saw it feels like at times). All this when I had no real hernias & did not need or want any mesh to begin with. All this & then my original surgeon wanted to put more mesh in(without removing the original mesh mind you) after saying my mesh pain was likely from another hernia instead. All this & he sent me to other surgeons to cover his butt instead of help me.

    Insanity, pure insanity, this is 2017. Is this really what we’ve evolved for? Millions of years of evolution to do this to each other? What if someone had put mesh into Einstein before he was able to publish his first theorem, then left him to rot & figure it out himself for years?

    I will forgive & forget but it’s just sad because afterall this isen’t brain or heart surgery & he could’ve taken it right back out(even though it’s progrip he could’ve tried before it grew in) the second I woke up in shock that he put mesh in.

    I mean what worse torture scenario could there be then implanting a device(3 in my case) inside a young healthy man’s groin(where he can’t get to it or do anything about it himself) that slowly over 2 yrs cuts off his testicle from the inside? Medieval torture had nothing on mesh. Every morning since my mesh was put in I wake up with the same familiar thought, “What fresh hell is this?”

    So no offense & forgive me for saying this but the only people that I believe are truly “in the know” about this product, are the patients that have it in their bodies.