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  • Momof4

    April 13, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    Dr. Towfigh,
    I have just had my final appt with Dr. Bittner, at VCU, about mesh removal surgery. We are trying to schedule sometime in early May. It has been a long process to make this decision, but we feel like I have tried all conservative measures and my current situation is unacceptable. I know Dr. Bittner has discussed my case with the other doctors involved and I am not sure all are in agreement with mesh removal being the next best step. I can understand how the doctor that put the mesh in doesn’t want to remove it. Dr. Bittner did tell me that no one can guarantee that it will cure all of my pain issues, he certainly feels it will help. Dr. Chen expressed that I will prob never be pain free, but I am hoping that mesh removal significantly reduces my symptoms. Dr. Bittner mentioned adding a colleague to help in my case, Dr. Levi Procter. He is fairly new to VCU and specializes in hernias as well. I will take all the help I can get. I know you have mentioned that abdominal wall mesh is easier to remove than inguinal, but my mesh goes from my umbilicus to my pubic bone and out to my hips. Would that involve AWR and inguinal regions and make it more complicated to remove? You have also said that you like to use the robot for mesh removal. Is it harder with larger pieces of mesh because it can extend procedure time with having to cut mesh into small pieces to be able to remove it through small holes? I would also like to know if you have had any mesh removal patients that suffer from nausea and loss of appetite and if it resolved after mesh removal. I am so thankful to have your input on this forum and have learned so much from others’ posts. Thank you!!

    After writing this post, there have been some complications scheduling my surgery because of hospital scheduling and doctors changing practices. I did meet with Dr. Levi Procter on Monday and have spoken with him since (his involvement would have been to observe surgery and provide follow up as needed), and he has made some inquiries on my behalf and says there have been several recommendations that I see you, Dr. Towfigh. I will continue to pursue what are the best options for my care and the restoration of my health. I will not give up!!