News Feed Discussions Severe right groin pain, possible hernia? Reply To: Severe right groin pain, possible hernia?

  • dmaz

    June 29, 2017 at 2:44 am

    Thank you Momof4! Ironic I was going to choose that as my username. 😉 My kiddos are 9, 7, 5 and going on 2 so I definitely have no time to be lying around. I saw on another thread that Dr. Towfigh recommended a doctor out of Cleveland Clinic and my insurance covers that! I will go see my midwife for a follow up (I am wondering if she was also thinking hernia since she said bowels) and if that visit produces nothing I will go elsewhere to consult. Cleveland is a few hours away but I don’t mind the drive if it means seeing someone who knows what they’re doing and what they’re looking for. There is definitely a reason I am having the pain I am (and I am not one to rush to doctors by any means). Definitely not a pulled muscle.

    Thanka so much for replying to me. I keep praying the pain will go away but alas, not yet. :p