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  • pszotek

    July 3, 2017 at 10:28 am

    Thanks for contacting us here at HerniaTalk. Will try to answer your questions in order but have to ask exactly where the pain is located and where the “tension feeling” is located (above the base of the penis, slightly more lateral toward the hip bone, halfway to the hip bone, or much more lateral) and does it hurt when you push on it with your hand?. Also what were you doing in the gym? (lunges, squats, etc with your lower body/core)

    1. Your hernia could have recurred but impossible to know for sure without exam/imaging. You could have athletic pubalgia also.
    2. Recurring hernia surgery can be challenging. I would recommend Dr. Towfigh, Dr. Orenstein, Dr. Chen, Dr. Jacob, myself or someone who specializes in it to get the best results.

    3. Stretch scar tissue: Yes it is possible. IF you would like to consider an online rehab program for this we are currently beta testing one and I would be glad to work with you to arrange this and go over your issue more in depth via a telehealth visit. You can find us at, fill out your information and we will get things set up.

    4. Ultrasound, CT, MRI all can work to confirm. It can come through the mesh or most often an area that was not covered by the mesh completely. It could descend into the scrotum but unlikely at this point as that usually takes a bit of time.

    5. Usually I would not recommend a second open repair unless you have chronic groin pain that I suspect the mesh is causing the problem and needs to come out. We would approach these Laparoscopic/Robotic.

    Dr. Szotek
    [email protected]