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  • Momof4

    July 21, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    I am so sorry to hear of your situation. Me being in the situation I am in has helped me to be more empathetic to other people’s suffering. I guess that can be a positive thing that has come from a very difficult situation. Since my groin pain started, i have had a hysterectomy (that I really didn’t need), femoral hernia repair, triple neurectomy, mesh removal and open repair of recurrent hernia on left side and open tissue repair of two new hernias on right side, and, finally, open abdominal wall reconstruction with large mesh from hip to hip and unbilicus to pubic bone. Sounds like my mesh is similar to yours in size but mine is polypropylene. I have been in significant pain all along and especially worse pain since the AWR. I finally made the trip from VA to CA to see Dr. Towfigh, at the suggestion of my prior surgeons. It was a great decision. Dr. Towfigh is interested in finding out why I have so many hernias and why I am having so much pain with my current mesh. I am going to have mesh allergy testing and also a special MRI, looking for pelvic floor dysfunction, caused by a collagen disorder or hypermobility disorder. It makes perfect sense to me to look for the cause of the recurrent problems before trying to fix them again. I plan to have robotic mesh removal. I may have to be implanted with something new that I am not allergic to and that will be tailored to my exact problem. Imagine that!! I am hoping for a hybrid, mostly absorbable mesh. I am trying to be in the best shape possible for surgery and walk daily for exercise, pushing through the pain, and do some PT core strengthening exercises. I have lost 30 pounds since my AWR, a lot due to nausea and loss of appetite and the exercise helps, as well. I am not overweight and I know Dr. Towfigh has said this helps reduce recurrent problems. I hope it helps to hear that you are not alone in feeling like you are a “hernia factory” and that there is a possibility of long term success. Best of luck to you. Keep looking for a solution!!