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Iam new to the message Blog Name Chris from Atlanta had hernia repair with Bard 3D Max mes about 2 years ago. Its been a complete nightmare for me. The pain someday so bad I cant walk somedays It feel like someone is stabbing with something sharp in my mid section. I had all kinds of test done to try to find my pain. My doctors cant seem to tell me. Where its coming from. After reading some of the messages at least. I know Iam not going mad. I been trying to find a Surgeon with experience at hernia mesh removal. Iam with Kasier there are know help. I know the pain now is coming from my Hernia mesh implants. I have 2 bard 3D max mesh……..I was thinking about going to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio or the Mayo Clinic to find a surgeon. I have meet with Dr. Bruce Ramshaw and he told me it was the mesh. Can anyone help me.

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