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  • Chris

    August 12, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    No Herniator I didn’t have that pain before the hernia repair and it was my first time mesh ever was used on me, The Pain is a very sharp and sensitive to the touch. Its gets worst when I move around alot. There are somedays it hurt so bad I cant ever stand up straight and effects my walking. I can feel something moving around inside move me. My doctors have already have done X-ray,CT,colonoscopy and lab test. They thought it could be my kidney stones. That came back negative no kidney issues. They through my pancreatic and that back negative. Its frustrating being in pain and feeling sick all the time. Doctors not giving me answers of whats going on. The only doctor understand whats wrong with me is Dr. Ramshaw. I just feel very uneasy with him. I have heard not so good outcome. I looking for someone that can help me.