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Good intentions
quote vtjbrent:

I had my mesh successfully removed 6 weeks ago. Bilateral mesh was completely taken out during the same surgery..

Thank you for sharing this. Your situation mirrors mine in many ways. I had Bard Soft Mesh implanted laparoscopically about 2 1/2 years ago. It never settled in like it was described that it would, I had to devise my own methods of getting my abdomen in to a condition that I could tolerate, and I wake up every day thinking about having it removed. I used to be very athletic – running, biking, and playing soccer. Now I focus on working out in the gym to just the right degree to allow me to be somewhat comfortable during normal activities like sitting at a desk or walking around. I’m too physically healthy to obviously need surgery, but the distraction degrades all other aspects of my life.

Please post back with the results of the healing from the surgery, if you can. It looks like it’s been nine weeks since you had the surgery. It would be fantastic if Dr. Towfigh could describe what she found, although from what I’ve learned, there was probably nothing unusual. Your mesh was probably exactly as it was intended to be, for recurrence avoidance purposes. But not quality of life.

To the Herniator – your reply almost perfectly exemplified the problem with the mesh implantation industry. A focus on avoiding recurrence, and a safe procedure. vtjbrent’s point was all about a degraded quality of life, but you replied with an answer about safety.

Anybody considering mesh implantation to fix a hernia should make the surgeon prove that they have satisfied and happy patients. There is no reason at all that the surgeons shouldn’t know by now what works and what doesn’t, for quality of life after the implantation. But nobody seems to be trying to determine that. The mesh companies are all selling their weave patterns and materials and shapes but with no quality of life correlations. After thousands, or hundreds of thousands of implantations, those comparisons should be possible. Many surgeons and organizations seem to be captured by the mesh company they work with though, and are making financial decisions first, with the patient second I think.

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