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Hernia mesh fixation questions

I don’t fixate mesh except in rare circumstances. Other people fixate all the time. What works for one surgeon may not work for another and we are all quite opinionated and maybe a touch egotistical. Either way, what matters is that your surgeon does what works for them, has good results and happy patients.

How can there be so many different ways to do things, that all give good and happy patients? Who is keeping score? If a surgeon has bad results does he/she tell their fellow surgeons to avoid this method? How does a patient know which surgeon has good and happy patients and who doesn’t?

If every surgeon is learning as they go, and developing their own special way of doing things, that would mean there has to be mistakes early in a surgeon’s career. It suggests that we should all avoid new young surgeons because they are still experimenting, and we should only use surgeons with tens of years of experience, because we want tens of years of good life after the surgery.

There should be standard methods, proven to give good and happy patients, after hundreds of thousands of mesh implantations. It seems like it’s still the wild west out there.

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