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Thanks for your post.

– if the mesh is not mentioned on CT scan, that does not necessarily imply it cannot be seen. Most mesh are visible on CT scan. This is the reason why I read the images myself, as radiologists may not be familiar with normal and abnormal findings related to mesh hernia repairs.
– the Ethicon mesh for laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair has not been recalled.
– recurrent inguinal hernias are best repaired with mesh, otherwise the recurrence is very high and after recurrence. That said, if the hernia was repaired when your husband was a child (not a teenager), then it is plausible to seek a non-mesh repair, as many of us do not consider that type of recurrence similar to a recurrence of an adulthood repair. That said, the recurrence may still be higher than a non-mesh repair and you and your surgeon should have an understanding of the risks and benefits of each repair before embarking on surgery.
– strongly urge against any further hernia repair until all risk factors for failure are addressed. In your husband’s situation, the coughing due to postnasal drip must be cured.

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