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Yes Kevin performed the neurectomies. Dr Wright validated that the ilioinguinal and iliohypoghastric and genitofemoeral nerves are in fact not just sensory but motor nerves. They innervate the muscle surrounding the male reproductive organs and cremaster muscle to lift the testicles and hold the
base of the penis firmly to your body. Kevin boasts he has been performing these mesh removals for years and apparently know what happens when he cuts nerves or does not care to disclose the truth about nerve resections as it may frighten a potential patient. He tells patients not to worry about resection as they are only sensory and simply grow back. That is a sales tactic serving his best interest not yours.
I flew to Vegas twice and that man had ample opportunity to judge the ability of my walking skills and for a pay check Kevin put me and another patient in canes and wheelchairs making it uncomfortable to
walk and impossible to have sex. Of course we were concerned about if our privates would be harmed and in the right location but he assured us all is well. Reading his website was the biggest mistake of my life. Letting him touch my body was even a bigger mistake.

31/2 years out and I am barely functioning. I was told I would be resuming normal activities in 6-8 weeks and having add at 2 weeks and back at work in 8 weeks. Non of that has happened in over 3 years. Please please please be careful. I am in mess over what I know now is minor pain compared to what mesh removal has done to me. Please understand this information is a coloberation between multiple patients not just my own experience but he experience of 6 others who found each other online after receiving no after care or straight answers by that person.

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