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    Posted by Mesh on January 19, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    First, I am sharing my opinion and personal experience, I am obviously not a doctor but a mesh removal and triple neurectomy patient.

    Dr Wright an appropriate name because he is right. An amazing and straight forward diagnosis with the utmost time and professionalism I have ever witnessed. Truly a great man thank you Dr. Towfigh for the recommendation.

    Dr. Wright is the third doctor not including a neurologist to recognize the importance of nerve preservation and to validate the motor function of the ilioinguinal, iliohypoghastric and genitofemerol nerves (spelling) and that they will never grow back. ( See OP report below. ) But why are we feeling worse? (answer below from removal Dr.).
    Nerve removal in my opinion should be outlawed it is paralysis. It severely affected stomach strength, genital support and function, digestion and so many issues of pain and alteration, it weakened my stomach and the nerve to the back causing serious pain and weakness, severe bloody ejaculation which would only be brought on by a painful irritating erection…. it is wrong. Wrong in my opinion to ever market this procedure with laxity and unrealistic claims, it’s misleading. You/I can not innervate the lower abdominals to strengthen them with out those nerves, never. I can not flex those muscles ever or lift my testicles or support my penis properly. The doctor that performed my removal said they were only sensory nerves and that they would grow back (See Below email from removal Dr.) That was the discussion he had with me on the topic 10 seconds long. This was based on his boasting of 20 years of removal experience. I am/ we are triple neurectomy patients and if I knew it was this bad I would have opted to keep the mesh in then to lose the use of my genitals, comromise my balance, strength and be this lopsided and in this much burning pain, with major organ prolapse bladder and prostate infections to boot. The damage inside my body is undescribable. I was so much healthier before this surgery. There is a serious trade off.
    I talk to 3 removal patients weekly and we are all suffering most of the same symptoms. It is disturbing. The latest removal patient I met wrote this and it describes a lot of the how we feel.
    I wonder if the more we share the more doctors and patients will start listening to the ones who have experienced a removal with neurectomies. I wonder. Maybe it’s time to re write the text books and to listen to the patients. Go back to the drawing board. Unless you have had a triple neurectomy I don’t think you should be talking about it nor selling the idea of one. Maybe it’s time to tell the truth. Dr Towfigh you were right. No one knows what happens with a neurectomy? That’s why I personally feel we should listen closely.
    I share this in hopes people will hear the patient and learn, it can be easy to get swayed into something worse if you walk into the wrong office. I share this here because I feel the doctors on this site tell it like it is and are trustworthy and have a larger audience. I am not a fan of any surgery or implant, I am in a unfortunate situation from listening to the wrong doctors and for getting on the internet and reading a website that inacccurately describes the reality of mesh and nerve removal and claims amazing results from it. I have nothing to gain or hide I just want let people know. Thank you for this forum and be careful out there. God bless.

    From my newest neurectomy friend:
    Since my surgeries which is 4 todate over 2 yrs I have been studying and researching the groin area so muscles,nerves and the skeletal structures. This was all brought about as the removal and division of nerves has not been without its problems, as anybody who has had a mesh removal or is planning to have one, understands that alone is a major operation as the surgeon has to cut through the abdominal wall/muscles and the peal off the mesh leaving the muscle wall stripped and raw, this alone will take months to recover from and only time, anti inflammatories and physio will sort this.
    The nerve division itself is something different as with any nerve they stem from the spinal cord out into branches, now when you have the nerve cut no one tell the spinal cord that a particular branch is cut and so it will keep firing, hence the pain. Surgeons will normally burry the nerve ending into fat which is not as conductive so in theory pain should be less but this isn’t always the case. What you don’t read and what you don’t get told is that lucky people will be perfectly fine with nerve division but others won’t be. This is due to a four factors that combine to almost create a perfect storm, the first is the fact the nerves that are cut are still firing so the impulse from the cut nerve is returning a lot quicker back to the spinal cord as the nerves shorter, which in turn forms a back up or overload at the branch connection to the spinal cord which causes pain, for this it’s wise to seek a pyhsio who can work on opening the gaps in the vertebra and has a tens machine which they can work around the l2 and l3 sections of your back.
    The next problems is that the branches of the nerves which are higher up than the division also become overloaded so you now have an increased or hypersensitive of the bowel, bladder or genitalia. This problem is also linked to the third problem of the actual end of the cut nerve, due to the trauma of the cut nerve our bodies reaction is to supply the area with sodium which is highly conductive thus making the pain worse, the added sodium in the area means that areas of the body which rely on sodium such as the bowel and bladder to keep a healthy ph balance now suffer causing bladder like infections and a stomach which is all over the place. Their is away you can combat both of these problems, the first being lidocaine patches 5mg which work at dispersion the sodium build up and making the cut nerves less conductive, the seconds a home remedy of adding half a teaspoon of
    Bicorbonate of soda to a glass of water for a week to reset the ph levels in your stomach and bladder as they will have become acidic.

    And finally the 4th problem is the actual trauma of the surgery and scar tissue, which will be significant and only time and help from a physio who has an ultrasound machine will help, if the scaring is chronic and serve a direct steroid injection into this will speed the process up.

    Mesh replied 6 years, 6 months ago 3 Members · 6 Replies
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  • Mesh

    August 16, 2017 at 5:37 am

    The mechanism to would be to contact the Nevada Medical Board and ask for all his records then contact the Illinois Medical Board and ask for any criminal activity and malpractice suits. Anyone can write whatever they want about themselves on their own website. The proof is in the patients and past records and real patient testimonials.
    My opinion:
    I agree it disgraces the entire profession and professionals involved.

  • Mesh

    August 16, 2017 at 5:32 am

    In 2014 he was telling customers that no one ever got worse in all his twenty years of removing mesh and he had his entire staff trained to tell individuals inquiring about mesh removal that people felt “instant” relief from mesh removal.
    First off he generalized mesh removal as one size fits all operation and deceitfully used lax terms and slogans to get us to be part of his experiment and case studies. It is not a coincidence that 6 of us found each other in less than a year
    in detrimentally worse condition. I understand doctors need to make money I’m fine with that as long as it doesn’t require ruining the quality of human life. The slogans on his site are mispresenting mesh removal and that site should be put to rest just like the shannigans he pulls to get people to do surgery. His reviews are appalling and his past is colorful to put it lightly. He has damaged the reproductive and digestive systems of 7 that I know and he is not disclosing that mesh removal is dangerous instead selling the idea with cheap slogans like mesh removal does not make people worse and
    and I will remove your mesh simply because you want it out and that’s dangerois in my opinion. If I asked a doctor to cut my limb of for no reason he should not agree. The medical center called valley view was a sad scene and unsanitary hey handed me a razor with hair on it. Petersen was treating me for staph infection Prior to surgery and performed surgery while I was infected with staph. It’s all on record. Please be very careful and if you need to talk to others I can put you in contact with some patients who had no choice but to search and find eacother for some solid and truthful answers about what just happened to us. We were not receiving truthful or accurate infoemation or any after care.
    That website plants seeds about the necessity of mesh removal and lures hopefuls into a worse case scenario. The consultation lacks any information about the negatives of mesh removal or nerve resection it’s all designed to get you in and get him paid.
    No surgery should take 1-3 years to recover from. My opinion based on 6 others experience.

  • Good intentions

    August 16, 2017 at 1:27 am

    Thanks for replying. Dr. Petersen’s noinsurance site is one the first that shows up on Google if you search mesh removal. I had been considering him, and had actually talked to one of his assistants. It was tempting.

    It’s surprising that there is no mechanism to track and grade the performance of surgeons. They all seem to be free to do whatever they like. Overall, the field is probably full of well-meaning professionals but there is no way to tell who’s good and who’s not. It’s a lot like the police force, where the members just look the other way when bad things happen. It takes some really egregious misbehavior to even get noticed, and even then the surgeon can keep practicing.

    Dr. Jayant Patel practiced for 25 years, killing many patients along the way. You’d think that fellow surgeons would have done something to protect their profession. It really does seem like a roll of the dice, and word of mouth through web sites like this one, to avoid major problems. Imagine what it was like before the internet was big.…ortland-a.html

    Thanks again and good look.

  • Mesh

    August 15, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    Yes Kevin performed the neurectomies. Dr Wright validated that the ilioinguinal and iliohypoghastric and genitofemoeral nerves are in fact not just sensory but motor nerves. They innervate the muscle surrounding the male reproductive organs and cremaster muscle to lift the testicles and hold the
    base of the penis firmly to your body. Kevin boasts he has been performing these mesh removals for years and apparently know what happens when he cuts nerves or does not care to disclose the truth about nerve resections as it may frighten a potential patient. He tells patients not to worry about resection as they are only sensory and simply grow back. That is a sales tactic serving his best interest not yours.
    I flew to Vegas twice and that man had ample opportunity to judge the ability of my walking skills and for a pay check Kevin put me and another patient in canes and wheelchairs making it uncomfortable to
    walk and impossible to have sex. Of course we were concerned about if our privates would be harmed and in the right location but he assured us all is well. Reading his website was the biggest mistake of my life. Letting him touch my body was even a bigger mistake.

    31/2 years out and I am barely functioning. I was told I would be resuming normal activities in 6-8 weeks and having add at 2 weeks and back at work in 8 weeks. Non of that has happened in over 3 years. Please please please be careful. I am in mess over what I know now is minor pain compared to what mesh removal has done to me. Please understand this information is a coloberation between multiple patients not just my own experience but he experience of 6 others who found each other online after receiving no after care or straight answers by that person.

  • Good intentions

    August 15, 2017 at 8:22 pm
    quote Mesh:

    First, I am sharing my opinion and personal experience, I am obviously not a doctor but a mesh removal and triple neurectomy patient.

    Dr Wright an appropriate name because he is right. An amazing and straight forward diagnosis with the utmost time and professionalism I have ever witnessed. Truly a great man thank you Dr. Towfigh for the recommendation.

    Dr. Wright is the third doctor not including a neurologist to recognize the importance of nerve preservation and to validate the motor function of the ilioinguinal, iliohypoghastric and genitofemerol nerves (spelling) and that they will never grow back. .

    Hello Mesh. Thank you for sharing so that the rest of us can be better off. You have K. Petersen in the title of your thread but don’t mention him directly in the post. Is he the one that performed the triple neurectomy? And what did Dr. Wright do?

    Sorry, it’s just not clear. Thanks again.

  • drtowfigh

    February 6, 2017 at 4:37 am

    Dr. Wright, Triple Neurectomies, K. Petersen

    thank you for sharing!

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