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In 2014 he was telling customers that no one ever got worse in all his twenty years of removing mesh and he had his entire staff trained to tell individuals inquiring about mesh removal that people felt “instant” relief from mesh removal.
First off he generalized mesh removal as one size fits all operation and deceitfully used lax terms and slogans to get us to be part of his experiment and case studies. It is not a coincidence that 6 of us found each other in less than a year
in detrimentally worse condition. I understand doctors need to make money I’m fine with that as long as it doesn’t require ruining the quality of human life. The slogans on his site are mispresenting mesh removal and that site should be put to rest just like the shannigans he pulls to get people to do surgery. His reviews are appalling and his past is colorful to put it lightly. He has damaged the reproductive and digestive systems of 7 that I know and he is not disclosing that mesh removal is dangerous instead selling the idea with cheap slogans like mesh removal does not make people worse and
and I will remove your mesh simply because you want it out and that’s dangerois in my opinion. If I asked a doctor to cut my limb of for no reason he should not agree. The medical center called valley view was a sad scene and unsanitary hey handed me a razor with hair on it. Petersen was treating me for staph infection Prior to surgery and performed surgery while I was infected with staph. It’s all on record. Please be very careful and if you need to talk to others I can put you in contact with some patients who had no choice but to search and find eacother for some solid and truthful answers about what just happened to us. We were not receiving truthful or accurate infoemation or any after care.
That website plants seeds about the necessity of mesh removal and lures hopefuls into a worse case scenario. The consultation lacks any information about the negatives of mesh removal or nerve resection it’s all designed to get you in and get him paid.
No surgery should take 1-3 years to recover from. My opinion based on 6 others experience.

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