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Good intentions
quote ajm222:

Thanks! That’s great info. Most friends who’ve had the surgery always say ‘sooner rather than later’ but perhaps they simply weren’t aware of the possibility of ‘watch and wait’ or had very symptomatic hernias.

I thought that I had found the perfect person for advice when I had mine. A surgeon who had actually done hernia repairs, and had had a hernia himself, which he had repaired. But after I had the surgery I found that he had his done by the open repair method.

If you have friends that will honestly talk about how they are, including all side effects, you’ll be lucky. The thing about healthy active men (maybe women too) is that we are all raised to suck it up, throw some dirt on it, be tough. And we don’t like to admit that we made a mistake. So I think that many of the problems are being hidden by the patients themselves. And the pros who could extract the information, through an anonymous survey, or discussion, aren’t seeking out the truth.

If you find someone who had success, and has been okay for over a year, and they do similar activities to you, and have your same body type, consider having the exact same surgeon and procedure.

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