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  • Good intentions

    September 30, 2017 at 4:10 am
    quote saro:

    Hi, Good Intentions: a question: your prosthesis is made of polypropylene?

    Yes, it’s polypropylene. Bard Soft Mesh.

    I just came across an article that shows, in a way, the environment we’re all dealing with. There are people with power and responsibility in these giant medical device organizations that just don’t care about the people they’re affecting. When things change rapidly, these kinds of things happen. Five years after they were sure it was bad, they kept on selling it. After they introduced it with no trial data. Ethicon is one of the big hernia mesh companies. The same people might still be there, pushing hernia repair mesh. How does anyone know?

    jnomesh makes a good point about fixing a small defect over a large one. But, still, if it’s not changing, it’s not really broken. There’s no need to “fix” it.