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  • ajm222

    October 3, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Well that’s a bit concerning (especially considering I feel as though my options are almost exclusively limited to get surgery and getting it done with mesh), but I appreciate your candor and response. My father had prostate cancer so that kind of hits home for me. My potential surgeon does Desarda as well but doesn’t seem to think it’s the best option.

    quote drkang:

    Hi, ajm222

    Yes, I have a lot of concern with the mesh inguinal hernia repair. In fact, I performed more than 6,000 open hernia repairs using a mesh plug until the spring of 2013. Sadly I have no exact my statistics of mesh complication, but I had quite many patients who complained of chronic pain after repair. I agree with the statistics saying that the chronic pain after mesh repairs would be over 10% incidence.
    In 2012, I performed the first mesh removal for the patient suffering from very severe chronic pain after receiving a mesh repair at other hospital. His pain was so severe that he couldn’t do even normal daily activity. That operation was terrible experience to me as well. As the mesh was so clumped with the surrounding important structure that the operation was too dangerous. After that operation, I got sick from mesh repair and I began to make a lot of effort to develop a new no mesh repair with low recurrence rate.

    I think every surgeon performing mesh hernia repairs should try an experience of removing the mesh which he himself inserted. I am sure if they learn from experience how terrible the state of the inserted mesh is and how dangerous mesh removal is, then many of them would stop doing mesh operation any more. But they do not really try to do that.They always tell the patient suffering from chronic pain that there is no recurrence. They don’t like to take the responsibility to solve the patient’s problem by removing the cause. That’s a pity.

    Anyway I have removed more than 50 meshes so far ever since. But I have more patients who are still suffering from quite severe pain after mesh hernia repair.
    I totally support Jnomesh’s and Good Intention’s claims. I think their knowledge and assertions are very accurate and are based on facts.
    And just one more thing to know. Laparoscopically inserted mesh might hinder the future prostatectomy for prostatic cancer.
    Thank you!