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It is possible to be allergic to polypropylene, as well. I was allergy tested and had a definite allergic reaction to samples containing varying amounts of polypropylene, which I had a large piece of covering my lower abdomen. I am hoping, moving forward, that allergy testing is considered before implantation, at the very least, in patients with pre-existing conditions such as chronic urticaria or other known allergies. After seeing my reactions, the Allergist felt very strongly that I should have no foreign body implanted. She also suggested that even if you don’t react to a skin test, that doesn’t mean you won’t react to the material once implanted internally. I think this is a very interesting concept and I know Dr. Towfigh is leading the way in this area. It is unbelievable how many of the systemic reactions I was experiencing have improved since mesh removal (still working on the pain aspect). I hate to think of the damage done to my body by the constant inflammation and allergic reaction. It will take time to heal, but since mesh removal, 5 weeks ago, i am moving in the right direction!! Thanks dr. Towfigh!! I am interested to know if anyone else has known allergic reactions to polypropylene.

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