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Good intentions
quote ajm222:

A quick glance does seem to suggest that lap surgery appears to be associated with better outcomes in terms of long term paresthesia and groin pain using the better CCS survey. And it was interesting to see that all of those getting the 3d Max mesh appeared ‘satisfied’ (and that lap surgery and inguinal hernia had better results than open or other hernia types).

When I posted that, I “knew” that you would see those parts, but not what might be the most important part. You have the hope goggles on, like I did. If you look at Figure 1, you’ll see Dissatisfaction is 4-5 times as high as Satisfaction, in general, in every category. The figure is not explained as clearly as it could be, there’s probably an assumption of knowledge of statistics, but it looks like most people are not happy with the results of their surgery. That’s the kind of information that the surgeon should be telling you in the consultation. When I was researching getting mine fixed all I heard were details of what would be done, but not a word about how I would probably feel bad with the mesh implanted. At that point in my life it was more important to me to be mentally strong, not physically. I had a hernia, but I would have had a plan to get it fixed at the right time. But it sounded so easy and simple, with an implied “guarantee” of a good outcome. Instead it took over my life.

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