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Hey there!
I had 2 Bard 3Dmax mesh, 1 left side for an indirect hernia and 1 right side for femoral hernia. Both hernias were very small and were found on a ct scan and I could have just watched and waited forever without getting them repaired and if I knew then what I know now I would never ever had any mesh put in my body, it is not intended for implantation in the human body. I would have just had them fixed when they actually started to present a problem and I would have found a surgeon that could have just sewn them up without any mesh. My life was great before getting the hernias repaired and after it has been very tough. I had both sides of that 3d crap removed because it was just causing me pain that I never had before and it started folding on the left side also like it usually does and this mesh states it doesn’t need to be fixated but the surgeon even fixated mine with 2 big tacks and it still folded anyways. They designed it for the shape of the inguinal canal but no 2 bodys are the same so how can they even agree with that, it has a cup shape and that’s why it folds up and there no way to know what will happen down the road with any mesh, it shrinks, migrates, attaches to things it should not. In the end the choice is yours but if your hernia is not presenting a problem I would just watch and wait. Also 3d max has been recalled already but somehow bard got it back on the shelves. There is 3d max heavyweight and 3dmax lightweight, I was 165 and im 5’11 and the removal surgeons said my hernias were small and did not to be fixed right away and that using heavyweight mesh on me was insane!

Good luck to you!

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