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And my mesh wasn’t fixated at all Bc you don’t have to with the 3D maxx. And mine completely folded into a hard ball. Understand that if you have your mesh fixated with racks or staple or sutures they can hit nerves and cause all sorts of problems. And if they don’t understand that mesh shrinks on average 30%-50% so as the mesh shrinks and is fixated there is a lot of pressure that can ensue. If you don’t use tacks staples or sutures then you avoid all that but a higher risk that the mesh can fold or migrate and do all sorts of undesirable stuff.
i read an interesting research article online that showed it can take a very long time for scar tissue to really solidify the mesh. So if you should get a bad cough or constioation it can actually move and change the shape of the mesh which then over time will solidify into that shape. It’s just a potential mess.
ive also been reading many research papers online that show the recurrence rate to be lower than tissue repairs outside of specialty centers like the shouldice hospital.
so they are actually admitting that if a tissue repair is done by a expert, like the shouldice hospital, the tissue repair is superior. The shouldice hospital reports that there recurrence rates are way less than 1%!!!! And chronic pain well below than 1%.
so to me this is just unbelievable evidence that people need a Chiice here in the states. Where is our shouldice hospital. The focus should be in training surgeons on tissue repairs again without the need for only mesh repairs.
This just smells of big pharma.
People need a choice and then can make there own decision on mesh vs no mesh. The fact that the pure tissue repair has slowly become extinct is just a poor reflection on our health care system.
there is indisputable eveidence that pure tissue repair done by a surgeon whose expertise is in this procedure is way more effective than mesh for most people. Sad.

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