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Well I thought my problems we’re long gone. After my last post in January, I saw my GI doc who ruled out anything GI related. By April or so, left side pain was gone until about 2 weeks ago. Now I’m having the exact same issues as before. Interestingly, the pain where the hernia was repaired began around the same time as last year, Oct. 2016. The only thing I can think of is working out more at the gym and weight lifting recently. Typically, I resort to cycling during the summer into Fall with little lifting, which probably explains the lack of pain during this time. But, anyways, it’s the same old issue as before. Feels good when I get up, but pain starts after any activity, worse when sitting, better when walking around. Seems like a correlation to less pain right after a bowel movement, then pain returns. As much as I want to believe the GI doc, I still can’t dismiss the possibility of it being GI related, although the gym correlation is strong too. Aggrevating. …

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