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Good intentions
quote kevin-pa:

I’ve been to my PCP and the nurse practitioner for the surgeon I have chosen. He is the chief of surgery in a medium-sized city hospital. They all advised me to get it fixed, but also if it’s not painful then waiting is fine until a better time.

I have scheduled a surgery date for Nov. 30th of this year, but I do see the surgeon in 9 days to discuss.

I am just extremely worried that I am rushing into this. I’ve read all of the horror stories about chronic pain, and I will regret my decision so much if that happens.

The number of permutations of “hernia’ and “mesh’ is huge. There are many different types of mesh and surprisingly large amounts can be placed if the doctor chooses to do so. Trust but verify, I would say. Find a doctor who can say that they have talked to patients years after the surgery and can verify that they are satisfied. You’re only 30 years old. The stories you’ll find around the internet about surviving the first three months after surgery are pointless. It’s the long-term that matters. The surgery itself is not bad, nothing compared to how you’ll feel if you get the wrong combination of materials and surgeon.. You’ll be looking forward to surgery if you have problems with the mesh implant.

Read through the link below, and search “SAGES” and “hernia” on youtube. There is much change happening in the field, and it’s not all good. Good luck.

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