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I do not know of anyone in Montana, ID, WY, ND practicing non-mesh repair, but you may have some success in contacting local surgeon offices and asking directly.

The following is a list of surgeon names on the western USA that have appeared on these forums and on other websites associating with non-mesh hernia repair but it could be on a case-by-case basis, you would likely want to contact them directly and inquire if they perform the non-mesh repair for your type of hernia, and if you are a suitable patient for the procedure.

– Dr Peter Billing in Seattle, WA

– Dr Allison Perrin in Seattle, WA

– Dr Rebecca Petersen in Seattle, WA

– Dr Andrew Wright in Seattle, WA

– Dr Paul Dally in Vancouver, WA

– Dr Robert Martindale in Portland, OR

– Dr Michael Mastrangelo in Bend, OR

– Dr William Brown in Fremont, CA

– Dr Shirin Towfigh in Los Angeles, CA

– Dr David Chen in Los Angeles, CA

– Dr Edward Phillips in Los Angeles, CA

– Dr Robert Burns in Newport Beach, CA

– Dr Kevin Petersen in Las Vegas, NV

– Dr Zafar Parvez in Gallup, NM

Shouldice Clinic in Toronto Canada is perhaps the most famous globally for non-mesh repair of hernia, and if you are traveling anyway it may be worth a consideration.

A handful of others found elsewhere in the eastern USA are:

– Dr Brian Jacobs in New York, NY

– Dr Samer Sbayi in Long Island, NY

– Dr William Meyers in Philadelphia, PA

– Dr David Grischkan in Cleveland, Ohio

– Dr Paul Szotek in Indianapolis, IN

– Dr Bruce Ramshaw in Knoxville, TN

– Dr Jonathan Yunis in Sarasota, FL

– Dr Robert Tomas in Fort Meyers, FL

Hopefully this list is a helpful starting point for you.

Good luck. Keep us updated on your decisions and progress.

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