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Was your hernia symptomatic or painful prior to surgery? And if so, is that pain or discomfort relieved since?

It sounds like you had a great experience as far as surgeries go, so congratulations to you and I wish you the best. I have been interested in the comments left by Dr Kang as he seems to be an innovator, and it’s always helpful to hear from patient success stories. I wonder if the procedure Dr Kang offers is unique then perhaps he could publish a paper on the specifics or post videos to YouTube of the full procedure for other surgeons to learn from, just a thought. Innovation that improves patient outcome is always a good thing.

As an American, it is inconceivable to imagine a hernia surgery or even a simple medical procedure for $500 given our current state of affairs with costs running wild. $5,000 and up is often the cost of an insurance deductible alone over here!

Best of luck and keep us updated on your progress.

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