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I agree with “Good Intentions” that you should look into this problem now and not accept the diminished lifestyle caused by your pain. You should definitely get a second opinion from a “hernia expert”, who deals with problems and pain from hernia repairs. In Annapolis, MD there is Dr. Igor Belyansky. He is a highly skilled surgeon in hernia repair and mesh complications. I’ve seen him myself. In Fairfax, VA there is Dr. Sharon Bachman, she comes highly recommended from Dr. Towfigh, who runs this forum. I live in VA and have travelled to MD for Dr. Belyansky and ultimately ended up traveling to CA to see Dr. Towfigh and have mesh removal. She is the best! She really listens to her patients and uses the information and imaging,which she reads herself, to come up with the best treatment plan. You may not need mesh removal but Dr. Towfigh says not to accept pain from hernia repair as your new normal. That is not normal!! Best wishes for a speedy resolution to your pain from someone who has been there.

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