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From someone who has been there and done that, imaging is only as good as the radiologist that is reading it. I know Dr. Towfigh recommends valsava, bear down, with CT and MRI. I have had several imaging tests that were interpreted as negative for hernias, that Dr. Towfigh saw multiple hernias on. I certainly had pelvic and groin pain when my problem first started and ended up having a femoral hernia, missed on imaging. The pain that you mentioned with certain exercises, prolonged standing and for me prolonged sitting and turning in bed, all sound so familiar. Keep looking for the source of your pain. I would go see the doctor that Dr. Towfigh recommended as a next step or at least contact his office. If you do have a hidden hernia, you will probably need to see someone who specializes in hernia repair. Stay positive and keep looking for a solution. Best wishes!

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