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Thanks for the responses, it is greatly appreciated! Slowly over the almost 5 weeks my sharp pains have decreased steadily. BUT if I lift anything heavy, for the next 12-24 hours, i will have the odd pain here and there in the groin or abdomen. Sometimes the adbomen still feels “stretched” and “Sore” especially at the end of the day.

I only strain now to fart because the gas gets built up inside my rectum and it’s very uncomfortable and i must squeeze out to get it out. Other than that, when I have bowel movements, I try to be as still as possible and not “push” because I’m afraid now.

If this doesn’t get better by Christmas/New Years, I will be going back to my family doctor and demanding a CT scan or an ultrasound as mentioned above. By new years it will be 9 weeks or so of this and if i’m still in discomfort then something is up.

i will keep this thread updated so hopefully someone else in my situation can get comfort from my experience.

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