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      Hi everyone,

      Two weeks ago today, I was very constipated. I had a bowel movement in which i squeezed really hard multiple times for the poop to come out. I didn’t think anything of it until a few days later when i had pain.

      I have sporadic sharp pain in my pelvis and abdomen. i show no bulge although I am overweight so it may be hidden. I have had sporadic pain in many spots in my pelvis and including penis and testicle pain and discomfort. I also had sporadic pain in my lower right abdomen. Today when I went #2, I got a huge pain all through my right side of my stomach/abdomen. Once i evacuated my bowels, it went away.

      I went to my family doc and he said it’s nothing and that it should go away on it’s own. He said it’s muscle pain and nothing else.

      I don’t know what to believe. i am moving in about 5 weeks so I don’t have a lot of time to deal with lots of tests or surgeries.

      I read that hernia pain is more like a burning sensation. Mine are sharp quick pains that usually go away quickly and they are all over the place including my anus too.

      If anyone can give me some advice or tips, it would be immensely appreciated. Please help.

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      How are you doing now, any relief, progress, or difference in symptoms?

      If you are concerned about having a groin hernia and the traditional “cough test” has failed to be definitive, you might want to request a dynamic ultrasound with valsava on the effected groin region. It can be a helpful diagnostic tool to rule in/out a groin hernia. There can be many other other causes of groin pain too however.

      If you are you in a specific part of the country and want recommendations for hernia doctors perhaps share your state or city.

      Best of luck, keep us updated on your case.

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      I know Dr. Towfigh says that constipation is a huge risk factor for hernias. It is important to avoid constipation and straining, which increases abdominal pressure, contributing to hernia formation.

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      Thanks for the responses, it is greatly appreciated! Slowly over the almost 5 weeks my sharp pains have decreased steadily. BUT if I lift anything heavy, for the next 12-24 hours, i will have the odd pain here and there in the groin or abdomen. Sometimes the adbomen still feels “stretched” and “Sore” especially at the end of the day.

      I only strain now to fart because the gas gets built up inside my rectum and it’s very uncomfortable and i must squeeze out to get it out. Other than that, when I have bowel movements, I try to be as still as possible and not “push” because I’m afraid now.

      If this doesn’t get better by Christmas/New Years, I will be going back to my family doctor and demanding a CT scan or an ultrasound as mentioned above. By new years it will be 9 weeks or so of this and if i’m still in discomfort then something is up.

      i will keep this thread updated so hopefully someone else in my situation can get comfort from my experience.

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      Before getting imaging, sometimes a referral to a general surgeon can diagnose a hernia related issue without imaging.

      Ultrasounds are user dependent and can miss hernias.

      CTs can miss hernias, you can increase hernia identification by doing a valsalva (bearing down like you were trying to force out a bowel movement to increase intra-abdominal pressure) during the CT scan.

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