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  • ajm222

    December 13, 2017 at 5:09 pm
    quote wilfred:

    Hi Ajm222
    Thanks for the response. Bring a dentist myself I like reading journal articles. Are you from Virginia? I graduated from medical college of Virginia (VCU) dental school in Richmond. I still remember during the gross anatomy days while disecting cadaver the instructor showed us the inguinal canal and all the nerves in that area which I never paid much attention as I thought I should only concentrate in head and neck which is my area. But overall I do understand and know the basic anatomy of that area though never had to use in my practice. My surgeon called me today and told me that he never had anyone complained about the kind of symptoms I am having. But all those journal articles or even forums are full of these post op symptoms in the leg or groin. I explained to him clearly that my symptoms are mostly in the area where lateral cutaneous femoral nerve innervates. But in addition I am also having some symptoms at the calf muscles and sole of the foot. Anyway with great difficulty I managed to get an appointment for tomorrow with a neurologist for EMG and nerve conduction test. I was told it is ok to get physical therapy started which I am starting from Friday. I hope and pray that I am out of this saga of post op pain and numbness and can enjoy seeing my own patients and give them 100% of myself the way I used to.

    Sent you a private message about RVA and dentistry 🙂 Good luck with the appointments, and hope things continue to improve. Maybe I’ll actually reach out to YOU if I have questions about articles I come across or the anatomy of the area in question! Will be interested to see your progress.

    I am trying to plan an inguinal hernia repair (possibly bilateral) myself in the next month or two in town and obviously worried myself about possible complications. I personally know about five people who have had the surgery (all with mesh), including my grandfather decades ago. All but one suggest they recovered 100% (and the exception says he’s still satisfied) but several did have some issues. And oddly enough most said open repair was easier recovery than laparoscopic. Was thinking I’d go with robotic laparoscopic repair but I also know the cost will be ridiculous. I have insurance, but I am certain that would max out all of my deductibles, etc. Wondering if it’s worth it.

    I don’t currently have a ton of issues with discomfort and pain, but it seems on the weekends when I am more active and standing a lot, I do have problems. And when I overexert myself or cough or sneeze, it’s uncomfortable. I have a small bump and could probably just wait, but it seems wise to just get it fixed sooner rather than later. I’ve basically come to terms with the fact that non-mesh repair is very hard to come by and almost never done here in the states. And all the surgeons have said they’d have mesh if it were them, and that non-mesh can have complications of it’s own and somewhat more likely to need repair at some point down the road. And any surgeon doing a non-mesh repair isn’t going to have a lot of experience doing it, unless I travel somewhere, which is cost prohibitive.