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quote Sean85:

Hello all.

In May 2016 I had open mesh repair for a left side inguinal hernia and in October 2016 I had the same done for the right side.

The left side healed up perfectly. It’s as if I never had a hernia there at all. But the right side is, and has always been, a bit bothersome.

I’m 32, non-smoker, healthy weight. I had the surgery performed at UCLA by Dr. Charles Chandler. Not seeing any signs of a recurrence visually. Contour is pretty even and I’m not able to reduce anything.

The big question is – why is one side different from the other if the same material and procedure was used by the same doctor? He should have his notes from surgery about what he saw and what he did, and would have the best idea about why there’s a difference. Could be something as simple as a dissolving suture that’s not dissolving. Maybe, I hear they do that sometimes. But, really, your surgeon should be the first person you talk to, in this case, I’d say. You had one perfect result from him, he should be able to get you another.

If you do talk to him ask him what type of mesh he used. Just for reference, for the larger hernia mesh repair world out here. You’ve had the old style repair done, which is interesting in itself.

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