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Well,even though I was careful it feels like recurrence..I took a job to make ends meet in the interim while things at my regular job are slow,they send us home until work picks up.And at the new job is where I hurt myself but didn’t go back due to other reasons. I didn’t feel this recurrence pain till weeks ago.

Now I can’t go back to my regular job and can’t take anything else being hurt.i have no health insurance and am flat broke living on very very little.I can get insurance cause iam unemployed and darn near homeless….BUT, even if Dr. Towfigh’s office accepted it I have no way to get there and such.

I hope your situation is better than mine.
And no, after this I truly believe you can not go back to pre hernia activities even being careful as it is just a matter of time before an issue arises.
I have a friend who left this city a few months ago who had mesh issues as well and not one Dr. here would touch him.Same as me too when I last had insurance..I could not find a doctor who would even repair my umbilical hernia. I feel my life is over.

Best of luck.


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