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Good Intentions, I agree with your statement that “the widespread rejection of the thought that a mesh implantation can cause problems is pretty incredible”. I’ve recently wondered that if the doctor admits that mesh is causing problems, is it then harder to justify the continued use of mesh in future patients!! I know everyone reacts differently and there are many factors to be considered in choosing the best hernia repair for each individual, but there certainly are patients who should not have mesh implants. Dr. Towfigh has identified certain subsets of patients (those with autoimmune, allergies to polypropelene, very thin, etc.) who will not do well with the standard mesh repair, if there even is such as thing!! Thank you to the doctors on this forum that are considering individual factors and tailoring their hernia repairs for each patient. I speak from experience because I had an allergic reaction to polypropelene, which had been implanted for hernia repair and, ultimately, Abdominal wall reconstruction, and was removed after causing two years of suffering with pain and systemic reactions. I am not sure that I will ever fully recover from all of the damage caused by the mesh and multiple surgeries, but I am doing everything I can to try and make that happen. So, when a doctor doesn’t acknowledge or believe that mesh causes problems, I feel like that is a slap in the face to those who have suffered so much! Certainly makes one lose faith in the medical system.

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