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Good intentions

A call to the Vincera Institute might be worthwhile. Dr. Meyers will take a look at your MRI’s if you send them but likes to have his own people do them. They do them a certain way to focus on specific areas. He is an athletic pubalgia (sports hernia) specialist. I put a link to their site below. They’ll want you to travel to Philadelphia but if he sees something obvious maybe he’ll offer a suggestion.

Also, from my own experience, ibuprofen causes constipation. It is a documented side effect also. So, maybe the constipation isn’t from the condition itself but the pain medication. It’s a dilemma, pain or constipation.

Dr. Levi Procter, one of the surgeons who contributes to the site, has offered to read other people’s MRI’s, I believe, if I remember his posts correctly. Might be worthwhile to send him a message.

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