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  • DavidJ

    January 25, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    I went to see a good hernia surgeon today. I do have a bilateral inguinal hernia (larger on rhs). I am leaning towards an open mesh repair, but going to take my time to consider options. I am still hopeful that natural healing is possible despite this being contrary to medical opinion. It’s hard to make an informed decision particularly as the information on line is quite anecdotal. It would be good tobe able to compare outcomes after 10 and 20 years say. My dad had a mesh repair in the early 90s and he is 91 now and says it has given him no problems. Intuitively it feels as if mesh would strengthen the repair. The other issue is that there are very few surgeons who do mesh free procedures which must tell you something, so options may be limited unless I travel. It’s good to have this forum to share on.