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The prior mesh does cause some pain when I do core exercises. To the point I actually had a very thorough ultrasound done to make sure everything was ok. Message me if you need the name of the non-mesh surgeon. It’s not a specialized hernia center, the surgeon is a general surgeon located in Texas.

Thank you. I was mainly just curious about your prior mesh experience. Sounds like most of the time it’s ok but certain movements and exercises cause pain to some degree. I guess this is what people worry about – mesh fixing the original hernia but not getting back to 100%. Obviously some people have much, much worse experiences as well, which seem to be fairly ‘rare’. But experiences like yours seem to be much more common. Glad to know the current situation sounds like it’s going well. I’d always heard the non-mesh repairs had a longer and more difficult recovery.

I personally was considering a non-mesh surgery myself after reading about all the issues people have had with mesh, but all of the surgeons I spoke with said if it were them, they would personally use mesh on themselves if they had a hernia. And I know a couple more surgeons that have actually had the surgery themselves and they used mesh as well. That said, the results of the non-mesh approach seem to be excellent under skilled hands, and you don’t have any of the worries that come with mesh and a foreign body. So I think either is a good option if you have a skilled surgeon involved. Only time will tell how things will end up in any case for any one individual, and complications and pain are possible with either approach and even with the most skilled surgeons. Six of one, half dozen of another. All of which makes the patient’s decision so difficult. Guess you gotta do a little homework, find a good surgeon and then make a decision and commit to it and hope for the best.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery

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