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  • Momof4

    May 6, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Muscle atrophy

    I went to the spine specialist two weeks ago and he reviewed my MRI and said that my spine is not contributing to my groin pain. There are only incidental findings for someone my age. He also said the hip may cause groin pain and that spine would not cause bilateral groin pain. My hips are fine, as well. I guess, at least, I checked off that box. I called your office and Dr. David Chen’s office to ask about insurance coverage. Since I will be coming from Virginia, it is going to be an expensive trip, but my health is worth it. I was disappointed that your cost is not covered by insurance. Dr. Chen takes my insurance, so I will be going to see him soon. Dr. Belyansky is helping me coordinate this. He spoke very highly of both of you and feels like this will be the best chance for help with my problem. Thank you for your time on this forum.