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  • mela414

    October 15, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Abdominal swelling?

    I think TEP stands for totally extraperitoneal. I understood when he told me. I think he has to slide in between the muscle and peritoneum and make sure that there isn’t scarring in the area under the scar. If he can’t slide through then he will convert to open surgery. I hope he can get in ok because I really want him to look at the left side too. It’s starting to bulge and I have pain there too. Not as much as the left.

    It sounds like your doctor has a good plan for you. I hope that everything goes as planned at you get this behind you as well. When is your surgery?

    I am in pain all day. My entire pelvic area hurts. I have pain in my groin and inside of my leg to my knee. By the end of the day I am more swollen and more pain. The two muscles on the side of my abdomen become hard and cord like. Those are the chiseled muscles that you see in professional athletes. On me they are there because they are over compensating. I hope that gets better once the hernia is repaired and heals. My abdomen feel so stressed.

    I know I will have to strengthen my core.

    Thanks for sharing. Wishing you well.