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      Hockey Dad

      So I wanted to chime in to encourage some of those “watchful waiters” out there.

      Dr Brown performed my surgery on Dec 4, 2019. I had probably let my hernia go for way to long, in the order of a decade. In the weeks following my repair, I was pain free. I am back to my normal active lifestyle. I’ve lost 22 lbs that I’d slowly put on over that decade(back to my youthful fighting weight), going from a BMI of 27 down to 24 by just being able to workout pain free. I cant describe how great it is to live life at my previous brisk pace. @DrBrown did amazing work and my only regret is not doing it sooner.

      The body is an amazing machine. The amount of pain I was in before the repair was far greater than I realized now on the other side.

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      Good intentions

      Thanks for posting this. You didn’t state it explicitly, but this is an example of a successful pure tissue repair. Since you’re at one year and healed, there is no reason to expect chronic pain to crop up in the future. If you do have a recurrence, you can always get a mesh repair in the future.

      The only similar enthusiasm I’ve seen for a mesh repair is in the body builder forums, because they can go back to lifting heavy weights. Most mesh repair opinions are about how they are better after mesh implantation than when they had the hernia. But not the same as they were before the hernia.

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      Good intentions

      Here is a typical mesh repair opinion, drgephys (his doctorate is in physics, not medicine), post #1687. This person was very “pro mesh” right after he had his surgery, convinced that he had done his research and chosen the best possible repair method. But you can see that he’s not super enthusiastic about it today. He deals with it, apparently, but he’s not jumping for joy.


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