27 Months since Dr. Brown permanently injured and disfigured me via open surgery

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      Hey everyone old and new. I’ve written on this forum plenty of times over the past 2 years so I won’t be too long. It was my birthday 3 days ago and as with every birthday it was a perfect time to remember that yet another year of misery has passed and a lifetime to go – thanks to the butcher himself Dr. Brown.

      For those that are new – Dr. Brown was a self-proclaimed hernia/inguinal expert that operated on me – a professional dancer that was in unbelievably good shape and completely and permanently butchered me after doing basically extensive random cutting into my body – creating strips out of uninjured tissues (after I begged him not to cut into anything that wasn’t necessary/injured) and not closing me whole at the end of the surgery. Think of someone cutting your achille’s tendon in 2 strips and just leaving it like that and not putting things back together. His surgery permanently released my entire abdominal wall and its tension which permanently altered my physique and also caused dozens of issues and pains I never thought were possible. I could have never suffered this level of trauma and dysfunction naturally barring an extremely violent accident.

      This was done to me in under 1 hour and 45 minutes bilaterally and 27 months later I have lost my career, my social life, my physique, all my confidence and there isn’t a single day that goes by where I don’t wish I would just die already. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Imagine every breath you take not being under tension, every rib constantly moving because the tissues have been released and are not in one piece, walking but there is no tension in your groin to help you walk so you’re forcefully dragging every step to make up for the lack of proper passive mechanics. Not being able to flex or train your core at all because the tissues aren’t whole and can’t be conditioned at all they just hang there. Your knees permanently hurting from the cartilage grinding down because your pelvis is permanently tilted and cannot balance itself out because the tissues are jello – affecting all your hip flexors and the alignment of your knees and feet. I can keep going forever. I feel like frankenstein’s monster. I look like frankenstein’s monster. All this because I had an area of pain the size of a fingerprint that was bugging me.

      This is your reminder that a lot of these doctors are in this for the money – not for the patient. They market themselves like they are an e-commerce trying to attract customers. They lie about their results and their accomplishments because there is nothing absolutely in place to hold them accountable in their private practices and more importantly they hide the fact that they have dozens of patients permanently maimed. My mom is going into retirement but instead of living a happy peaceful retirement watching me perform on TV she’s worried sick about me and my future because we both know I am physically and mentally destroyed because of 1 greedy doctor with no integrity. And it breaks my heart that I cannot give her the peace she deserves because I will never be okay. There is no recovery from this.

      Since doing this to me Dr. Brown has closed shop and has been scraping down every trace of himself off the internet. Like he never existed.

      As usual – here’s my side by side picture. The left is me during my entire life and career (and after previous surgeries with normal doctors who didnt entirely butcher me)

      And on the right is right now and every day.

      I am flexing my hardest possible in both pictures.

      View post on imgur.com

      Here’s to another summer of being able to do absolutely nothing but suffer in silence in a room while the rest of the world keeps moving and people enjoy life. Stay safe ya’ll.

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      Very sorry for your continued suffering from the surgery, heart goes out to you:(

      Did you have tissue repair of bilateral inguinal hernias by this doctor?

      Have you been able to talk with any other surgeon who can tell what went wrong?

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      Hi Peter – in a previous post, you mentioned the possibility of additional surgery to restore at least some function, but that you were afraid to consider it (which is quite understandable).

      Did you ever explore that further and find out what (if anything) could be possible? Has any other surgeon suggested a course of action?

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