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A Question Never Asked the Surgeon but Should Be

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      A question never asked is, “After my hospital discharge, will you take questions?” Mine doesn’t. Well, not if it concerns a complication of surgery. Before the surgery I had never considered post-surgery scenarios. My due diligence was all about surgery itself. I never dreamed my surgeon would make a fast retreat at a sign of trouble. I was and still am naïve about medical matters having been so healthy. This was my first surgery. Maybe surgeons should offer a guarantee or a promise what they will do in the case of later complications. Anyway, if you are thinking of a surgeon outside your local area, especially one abroad, you ought to find out how receptive they are to you in case of a later complication.

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      In the United States, the payment for surgery typically covers 90 days of care after the operation. Hence, availability for questions and visits related to the operation within 90 days should be expected from your surgeon.

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      Sorry to hear you’ve had a poor follow up experience Pinto. I think the point you raise is a good one, as most people would assume that was a given. I’ll be adding it to my list of questions.

      Are you happy to share which country you had/are having this experience in?

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      @drtowfigh, that’s awesome to hear. Because American society is an open society, its “dirty laundry” is easily criticized; yet it often leads toward advancement of civilization, a word I use sparingly. It’s great what you said. I never heard of such a formalized policy. I’m sure its helpful for both doctor and patient and overall advances medical practice. @jack2021, thank you for that. I appreciate it because my experience has been very trying, very trying. Not mentioning any names will help, I think, in highlighting the remarkable. As I look back despite all my “researching” of hernia, I was naive for not locking down the post-surgery experience. Will the warm smiles “pre” still be there at “post”? Important to consider.

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      @drtowfigh, for clarification I should add that my issue arose way beyond 90da., one approaching a year and a half post. I don’t want any readers to think mine happened within 90da. because if it did, the mistreatment would be outrageous, outrageous. 😀 (I don’t think the time is so different though because surgery is surgery.)

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      William Bryant

      Pinto, if you don’t mind a belated question… Was your surgery mesh or non mesh? Thanks.

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      Sorry I just noticed your reply. I had non-mesh–pure tissue repair as is said.

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      William Bryant

      Thanks Pinto. I hope the post op issue/s are or have been sorted for you.

      (Are you in the UK as the “outrageous, outrageous” reminded me of some UK telly programme?).

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      William, no not in UK. But you are, right? And so I wanted to ask you: My understanding is that in UK, the public health service pushes watchful waiting because it is financially strapped. It wants to put off surgeries. So wouldn’t this result in UK having much experience with watchful waiting? The place to go for related advice? I particularly wanted to know what criteria is used there for determining the need for surgery.

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      Sorry but I didn’t answer your question
      >Are you happy to share which country you had/are having
      >this experience in?
      for I didn’t want to mention any names.

      However, after trying all avenues for resolution, I will reveal it now: in Korea with Dr. Kang.

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      Dear Pinto,

      There is no perfect hernia surgery in terms of recurrence or sequelae so far. Unfortunately, Kang repair, which I developed, is no exception.
      We are just trying to minimize the possibility of these problems.

      I have never shirked my responsibility for the patients I have operated on. In fact, the opposite is true. In case of recurrence after our surgery, we provide surgery for free. I also do many difficult recurrent hernias from other doctors and am taking risks to do mesh removal surgery for mesh complication patients.

      Nevertheless, I deeply apologize for the experience you have had personally.
      If I have to make an excuse, I think I have caused inconvenience to you because of not communicating directly due to my English skills, that I am practicing in a foreign country that you cannot easily come to at any time, and COVID-19, a global problem so far.

      If you would come to Korea even now, we will do our best to solve your problem.

      With best regards,
      Yoonsik Kang

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      William Bryant

      Hello Pinto,
      I am in UK yes… So far I have only seen a gp doctor and he has organised an ultrasound which I am waiting on. All he said so far is “nothing serious”.

      I believe you are right though and watch wait is a standard NHS practice.. I’ll probably find out after I get the ultrasound.

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      @William Bryant, William, make sure your ultrasound is done following valsalva protocol; otherwise it is probably inconclusive.

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