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    Posted by Beenthere on February 26, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    I need some guidance and maybe legal advice if a lawyer is on this site. This has been on the back of my mind for years, I have gone through my history(I posted some here names redacted before and I was trained and worked as a medical claims examiner for a insurance company) I brought up the missing and false statements with my GP, insurance company, other doctors, the hospital that did most of my care and filed complaints to two state agencies and nothing. Everyone has protected this so called expert surgeon and treat me like I am making this whole story up and I am the problem. I feel I should try to protect other unsuspecting patients/victims and that I should make my history public with only my name redacted. Thoughts?

    This so called expert who is now the director at a large teaching facility could not even diagnosis a incisional hernia over a inguinal hernia!!! He did two exams on different dates with a inguinal, genital and groin exams done both times with no notes. Could this be sexual misconduct under the guise of medical treatment? On his last exam before my surgery in my notes it only states he needs to see me again before surgery. No recommend surgery, no agreed items on the surgery, no physical exam notes, no location on the hernia,size or type. The hospital even sent me a letter stating the Dr read and reviewed his notes before performing my surgery. Interesting since they did not send that document to the state agency under penalty of the law to respond to my complaint.


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