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      I went to mesh inguinal hernia surgery in 2008…
      Two days after the surgery the itchiness began and it was controlled by anti-histamine…
      i went to the doctor who performed the surgery and he confirmed to me the itchiness is not from mesh ..
      I was diagnosed with idiopathic chronic urticarial that my dermatology doctor told me that it will go by itself. Which did not happen
      I want to other doctors as well who said it is not from mesh.
      One doctor informed me if it was mesh it should have been a local reaction to area of surgery but my symptoms was generalized itchiness.
      Compare from what I’m reading about other people experience I’m only having urticarial /itchiness but otherwise I don’t have any other symptoms like pain or fatigue.

      But myself I think it should be from the mesh or something happened during the surgery procedure because I was fine before the surgery.

      The thing that no doctor I spoke believe that it is the mesh that causing the urticaria.
      However I was fine until mid of 2016 with taking two or one antihistamine tablets daily but from mid-2016 onwards the itchiness become sever that it was is interfering with my sleep even though I increased my antihistamine to 4 fold ..And I was not able to sleep due to itchiness in most nights.
      So my doctor put me on biological drug Xolair( Omanlizub) which I’m taking it every month …
      It worked well for year and half buy suddenly the Omanlizub lost is efficacy.

      Then I started cyclosporine and methotrexate which worked well for a period of time then lost it is efficacy,

      Now my doctor is trying other immunosuppressant.

      I have been in touch with Dr shirin towfigh through email which suggest that I need go for mesh removal and stated she have so many patient who are allergic to mesh .
      My questions and thoughts are:
      1-who can I be tested allergic to mesh is there any blood test or patch test that I can do to prove that I’m truly allegic
      2- is there any experienced surgeon in mesh removal in middle east or nearby like India since I’m living in middle east.
      3-my only symptoms is urtcaria along with IBS –nothing else – which I just have recently in last two years what do you say about that?

      4-The problem now if I want the mesh to be removed it is very risky and difficult now to take the mesh out especially after 10 years I’m worried about side effects or nerve damage during mesh removal surgery!!!

      I want your thoughts and comments about this issue

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      Good intentions

      Dr. Towfigh would have the real world experience and history of many examinations and the results from mesh explantation. She would have seen the patients before and after. Most of the doctors you are talking to will not have that experience and will only know what they have been trained – that mesh materials are inert in the body. I think that Dr. Towfigh’s opinion has more value than the common physician’s.

      What type of mesh did you get and by what procedure? That will help determine your risk level. If you can get to South Korea then Dr. Kang at the Gibbeum Hospital would be a good choice, I think. He has done thousands of repairs and I think that he does explantations/removals as well. Good luck.

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      thanks for your input

      1st hernia repair, 2008: Open left inguinal hernia repair with mesh. . Indirect inguinal hernia. Weak posterior wall closed with 3-0 Prolene sutures. Mesh sewn in place similar to Lichtenstein procedure with 3-0 Prolene sutures.

      2nd hernia repair, 2011: Laparoscopic right inguinal hernia repair with mesh. Direct inguinal hernia. TAPP approach. Mesh tacked in place.
      3rd hernia repair, 2013: Open recurrent right inguinal hernia repair with mesh. Recurrence of the direct inguinal hernia. Direct hernia closed with 2-0 Vicryl suture. Mesh sewn in place similar to Lichtenstein procedure with 3-0 Nylon sutures.

      Vypromesh was used for all 3 of your hernia repairs.

      4th hernia repair -done out side my country – it was open surgery but I’m looking regarding mesh type.

      this all the details of my surgery ..

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      Good intentions

      There are two different types of Vypro. One of them has an absorbable component, polyglactin. That might be part of the reason you felt effects immediately after implantation. The other part of the mesh is polypropylene fibers.

      Here are some examples of polyglactin hypersensitivity.

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      Good intentions

      Here is a report about Vypro. It looks like the polyglactin degraded but instead of being absorbed by the body, was encapsulated. The mesh was likely not attached to or incorporated by the surrounding tissue and the patient had a recurrence. I am not a physician.

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      thanks a lot for the information

      so the only way to stop this allergic reaction is by getting the mesh removed ??

      I’m afraid of going to mesh removal because of so many complications
      and I might feel worse after mesh removal due to complication for herina mesh removal surgery .

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      Good intentions

      Dr. Towfigh would probably have as much experience as anyone in your type of problem, and expected outcomes. She has published on chronic pain, and mesh removal, and has been researching mesh compatibility for many years.,48

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      do you know any experienced mesh removal surgeon in middle east or India ??

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      Good intentions

      If I was in your situation I would check the professional organization web sites, and the professional publications, looking for presenters/publishers in your area. You could also contact research universities directly.

      Here are some starting points. It will probably be tedious. Good luck.

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