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      The machinery of this website never ceases to frustrate me. The latest is because my thread “Pinto’s 2nd Surgery with Dr. Kang” was erroneously erased in its entirety. I requested the Webmaster to delete one posting of mine, which was a duplication. Unfortunately instead of erasing that one, single post, the entire thread was extinguished.

      By chance if anyone would happen to have a copy of it could you please send it to me so I can repost it?

      Many thanks.

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      William Bryant

      That’s a real pity. Very useful thread. Especially for those considering Dr Kang.

      Are deleted threads not archived by the site maintainers at all?

      Sorry to say I dont have a copy. For selfish reasons it would be good to see it back if possible.

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      Mike M

      Just in case it couldn’t be recovered this is what I remember –

      “Cliff notes” version:

      #1. Consider staying in the hospital (at least one night).

      #2. Make sure you check to see if you have a “sliding hernia” type because it is possible to miss it via ultrasound on the first pass creating a reoccurrence.

      #3. Most likely Prolene sutures were used (Dr. Kang uses these by default unless you request something else like absorb)

      #4. Surgery went well and outcome was very positive.

      Hopefully I didn’t miss anything. 🙂

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      @Mike M, you got a memory and a half, bro. Thanks for that. Many have been saved by Cliff Notes in getting that C or even a B. But the vaunted ‘A’ only by going to class and digging into the course text. 😀 Now if Dr. Kang were a course, the A student would have picked up these points:(just saying, please excuse the joke 😀 )

      small incision
      converted mesh doc
      highly skilled and experienced surgeon

      A small incision likely reduces potential for pain as well as being
      aesthetically pleasing making him the Michaelangelo of hernia surgeons.

      My original thread began with two posts numbered #31198 and #31199 (near-duplicates). You can google them bringing up links for them. But they are unretrievable. I asked the Webmaster to delete only #31198 but the result was the loss of all my posts as well as those of others. I do hope the Webmaster reads this and is able to bring back the original thread.

      Also this website’s function for “edit” never has worked for me. For other websites, you get an editing window and when done seamlessly replaces the target message. But not this website–no replacement is made. Instead both the original and corrected versions are posted. I tried many times but had the same result. If I did not overlook the “logic” of this site, its developer should be made to correct it.

      Thank you for your kind attention.

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