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      William Bryant

      If you do manage to see the forum again Dr. Kang, I’m hoping you may be able to shed some light on a suggestion, on here recently, about you and possible retirement…

      I’m asking as I’m hoping to go to Korea either end of this year or beginning of next as at present I cannot leave my elderly father so that prevents me flying out sooner.

      I was a bit surprised at anyone mentioning your retirement as when I’ve looked at photos online of you, I’ve always thought how young you look! So I’m hoping there’s time for me to have surgery with you still.

      (Also as I type, I’m thinking if I can persuade him to come with me, would a 90 year old be suitable for surgery too, in addition me? As you may have seen on another post my father has a hernia as well as me, his is left side, mine right).

      Thanks in advance be Dr. Kang.

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      Mike M

      Dr. Kang appeared youthful to me when I met him. There was no indication while I was there he was retiring but I did not ask.

      He has some examples where he operated on very elderly patients with success since he does not use general (which tends to be one of the biggest obstacle). He will do an EKG prior to surgery for older patients from what I understand.

      Hope it works out for you and your dad either way!

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      William Bryant

      Thanks Mike, I can’t see my dad being talked in to an op which is why I’m concerned about ignoring the hernia and constipation he has. But I will try to get him to go.

      I will be going to Dr. Kang either with my father or without though.

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      Hi William Bryant,

      I haven’t thought of a specific retirement schedule yet. I think I will probably be working for at least 10 more years. As Mike M said, in our hospital, surgery is performed under local anesthesia with sedation, so many elderly people come to receive hernia surgery. So far, there have been over 100 patients over the age of 90, of which three were over the age of 100. All of them completed the surgery without any problems and recovered well.

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