Anyone got their mesh removed by Dr. Muschaweck?

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      I had bilateral inguinal hernia repair done with open repair method(Lichtenstein) and Covidien ProGrip 12cmx8cm mesh.

      I consider mesh removal and I’m searching for stories about mesh removals by her or other surgeon which were openly implanted.

      In the latest HerniaTalk Q&A she said that cutting the nerve is not a problem if it’s done correctly.
      A Statement which I’m not sure about.
      There was a herniatalk forum member who had his GFN nerve cut by her and had bad outcome.

      As my repair was done openly the removal would mean cutting the ilioinguinal nerve so wondering how big of a risk it is.

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      Who knows with nerve cutting… On the one hand, it seems like a bad thing, and you hear about neuroma, etc. On the other hand, many open mesh surgeons routinely cut the ilioinguinal nerve, and the Shouldice Hospital routinely cuts the genital nerve branch, and has done that in hundreds of thousands of patients. What’s the conclusion? Beats me.

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      I had numbness in the surgery area and inner thigh for about 2 years so maybe my ilioinguinal nerve has been cut as well…

      I read somewhere that in the removal they cut it way higher and then problems occur.

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