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      Hey everyone. I’m making yet another post as I’m getting more updates and things to share – because if I can help ONE person not have their entire lives ruined the way mine is – its worth it. Again – sorry for now a third message but there is no way I’m letting this happen to someone else. Included below is my pre-op ultrasound report for further details.

      If you value your quality of life or just basic bodily function at all – avoid Dr. Brown.

      I’ve been speaking to my sports therapist (trains Olympic Athletes for Team Canada for the past 15 years), along with other specialists who have followed me throughout my career.

      Long story short – I would have more chance to recove if I would’ve been in a car crash or any other incidental trauma than from what Dr. Brown did to me. It’s an inhumane disregard for the body, preserving healthy tissues, and preserving physical function. It’s deliberate damage.

      I am attaching my last dynamic ultrasound report before surgery, which was given to Dr. Brown of course. It was done by one of the top doctors for athletes in my city who does our NHL Team players as well. I redacted his name for privacy concerns. Please note the highlighted points.
      On my left side (highlighted) which I was only getting done so that the external oblique tear doesn’t extend through what my job as a professional dancer demands and because I could feel a constant ache in there but still had 100% function and strength. – Dr. Brown decided to EXTEND that tear by double its original size, cut into my internal oblique (which was intact), cut into my transverse abdominis (also intact), all the way to the conjoint tendon. HIS OWN operative report states that there were no hernias to be found, no tearing, no weakness, nothing. He even took pictures of it during the operation. I have them. The most intact groin you have seen.

      He still thought it would be a good idea to give me a full blown HERNIA repair even though I did not have a hernia by sewing all those tissues together after cutting into them extensively, re-configuring it, moving my spermatic cord, shifting my inguinal canal, and so forth. The doctors that are looking at it now are absolutely horrified that him – as a doctor and critical thinker, made the decisions he did when operating on me – knowing I’m an athlete with extremely healthy tissue. As stated in the other 2 posts, I now have 10 times the pain I had on that side, along with spermatic cord sensitivity, chronic testicular pain, weakness, impaired hip tracking due to him changing the muscle function in the groin, which leads to impaired knee tracking as well, pain all the way to the ribcage, impaired breathing, weakness on ejaculation, and so on. That’s just the left side. He did the exact same thing to my right side. Both sides have the exact same issues, exact same weaknesses, exact everything. It’s not anything else but the procedure he did.

      Not a single doctor nor sports therapist/physio can explain why Dr. Brown would do the damage and reconfiguration of tissues he did, on an athlete with MINIMAL tearing. There is no logic behind it, there is no sound reasoning that would have someone expect to recover from such a procedure. I would’ve recovered 4 times over if I had donated a kidney or torn my achilles tendon. I’m at 8 months, nearing 9 months since surgery and I can go to the park with my baby nephew for 15 minutes before its unbearable only to come back to my room and lay in chronic pain and dysfunction. Before this I was in rehearsal for international tours for 9 hours a day, week after week.
      Now I cannot flex my abs. On climax, men usually have a full contraction of their abdominal wall including the lower abs – thats gone too. It cannot be done. I walk and feel like I have a wooden patch in both groins/hips. For anyone wondering – I had 4 MRIs (all provided to Dr. Brown) and my hip joints are not even remotely out of place or injured so they are not the cause for any of this.

      The only way for me to maybe one day find a sense of normalcy is to have someone cut through everything he did and undo it and try to actually restore tissues to where they are supposed to be which basically means I will never recover because that’s just such an extensive procedure. Does that make sense to anyone? I go in wtih a specific issue – and 9 months later I’m trying to find someone to save me and repair the extensive damage that was intentionally done by a doctor??

      The procedure itself is unbelievably flawed – you cannot expect to be able to flex your abs properly ever again after this. From a physics or mechanical point of view – it doesn’t work. And patients should not have to create a PDF file of all the things they need to tell their doctors not to do once they operate on them. The entire premise of doctors being doctors is that we trust them to not do unnecessary and harmful procedures and to critically think of the safest, least damaging way to help us regain full health. I cannot approach a doctor and start enumerating all the things he shouldn’t do inside of me -I should be able to trust and feel safe with a doctor. I definitely shouldn’t have to explain the physics of muscle function and how you destroyed it. This is why you’re paid thousands of dollars and hopefully why you’re doing the job – to help people. Not to get paid at all costs. I keep losing sleep because I keep blaming myself thinking I should’ve told him this or that but it’s not my fault. I’m not the doctor. You are – you’re supposed to be helping me mend an injury and heal up and go back to my life.

      You need to warn people that your procedure will result in :
      – You will never be able to properly flex your abs again
      – Your gait will forever be changed – you will lose your natural gait and walking will feel extremely uncomfortable walking anytime.
      – You will constantly feel your spermatic cord on and off
      – You will have severe tightness of abdominal tissues all the way to your ribcage which means uncomfortable breathing pattern
      – Your climax will be affected because of impaired abdominal function

      I should also add that Dr. Brown continues to operate on people and has made no attempt to understand how much he messed me up. In any other job you look at a screw up to make sure you don’t repeat it again and you try to rectify it or help the person. But that would require integrity – and the ability to admit you’re wrong to make sure you actually help people regain health without permanently damaging them.

      This is the link to the ultrasound report. If needed I will post the operative pictures, the 4 MRI reports as well.

      View post on imgur.com


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      As I read this account of what happened to you I felt myself getting sick to my stomach. I too had a horrible outcome from mesh removal surgery. Dr Brown was not my surgeon but I did see one of the top removal specialists in the country. Very long story short – with the mesh removal my genitofemoral nerve as well as the ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves were cut and my testicular function is now impaired. Now the testicle just hangs low and causes me significant pain and discomfort- constantly. I was warned prior to surgery about the risks but was never told of this potential problem. There are other post op problems too including constant groin pain, pelvic pain, and headaches, decreased sleep and appetite as well as loss of sexual function. I’m depressed, I can’t work and I feel useless. I am a young man and have a lot of life left but I feel ruined; maimed. It’s been a year of hell. I too blame myself and review it all thinking I should have done something to prevent this horrible outcome. The surgeon abruptly discharged me and now won’t even take my call ; absolving himself of all responsibility. I’m sorry this happened to you but there are others like me who know your pain.

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        I appreciate the sympathy.

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      Hi @peterc.

      As I have in response to a few of your other posts, I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to you for what you went and continue to go through. I want to add that, I do not think you made a poor decision to go see Dr Brown. It sounds like you were already in a bad position and sought out a doctor who, rightly or wrongly, believed he could help.

      The unfortunate truth is that, even if one seeks out the most skilled surgeon, and even if the surgeon does a textbook repair, the result can be bad. My first hernia repair was done by a highly respected surgeon. As far as I know, the procedure — a mesh-based repair — was carried out without any problems. And yet, I had pain immediately after waking up and that pain continued until I had the mesh removed 6 months later. I definitely went through periods of anger and despair, as it seems you are going through. And, like you, I feel strongly about warning others so they do not suffer the same consequences. In my case, I warn against the use of mesh.

      As I have mentioned in my other posts, Dr Brown fixed a hernia on my left side (where I never had mesh) and I have had no problems with this. I actually very much wish I had seen him before I ever elected to have a mesh-based repair. I think I would have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering.

      Anyway, I am rambling. My main points are
      — the outcome of any medical procedure can be poor; this doesn’t necessarily mean that the surgeon messed up or that the patient made a bad decision
      — you certainly have the right to be upset/angry about your situation and it makes sense if you want to warn others so they do not suffer the same fate (I have done likewise)
      — my experience with Dr Brown was quite different from yours; I think he is an excellent choice if one is looking for a mesh-free hernia repair

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        Hey James,

        I appreciate your input.

        I need you to understand something – I am warning people because this is gross negligence. This is not a ”for some patients it goes well’.

        My left side had a 1-2 cm external oblique tear (which is less than 1 inch). As I was having the right side fixed I figured, might as well close that because it hasn’t healed properly in 2 years and I dont want it to extend.

        I specifically asked him prior to surgery – are you just cutting into things for the sake of it. He said – if there is nothing to repair, I won’t cut. I will be careful. I will take my time.

        I told Dr. Brown that if he’s able to help me heal up I will seriously advocate for him and that I’ll invite him to my first live show and we laughed it off.

        I woke up with the exact same operation on both sides.

        He extended the 1-2 cm tear on the left side into a 5 cm cut. Then he cut into my internal oblique which had no tear, no herniation, no weakness. Then he cut into my transverse abdominus which also had no herniation, no weakness, no tear. PER HIS OWN NOTES as he was in there, confirming what 4 MRIs and 2 ultrasounds had already shown.

        He then proceeded to give me a full blown, FULL BLOWN, hernia surgery. He tied up all 3 muscle layers together. Cut into my inguinal ligament. Moved my spermatic cord out of position.

        When’s the last time you had surgery and you woke up and they performed an entire procedure for an issue you didn’t have?? I have a hernia surgery and not a single doctor understands why. There was no hernia. This isn’t a sports hernia treatment.

        This is extremely gross negligence and disregard for patient health and function. I had full function of my abs before his surgery – I just had a dull ache from the 1-2 cm tear in my external oblique.

        How am I to trust another Doctor ever in my life after this? Knowing I told this man that I was scared of doctors and that I needed to function to go back to dance.

        Was it because he doesn’t respect me as a professional dancer? Professional dancer was ranked the #1 most physically demanding job in the U.S this year, above every other sport. Google it.

        If not – why? Why would an experienced surgeon CAUSE voluntary damage to healthy tissue.

        If you went to the doctor because you cut your finger, or there’s tearing, and you came out without the finger or the surgeon cut off your finger and sew it back together – would that make sense to you? No it doesn’t. You don’t need to be a doctor to know this. The premise is – less is more. In ANY surgery – preserving healthy tissue integrity is a priority.

        Additionally – if you are not an athlete you absolutely cannot vouch for the success of his treatment as far as groin/sports hernia treatment goes. Mechanically its impossible to flex your abs the way he remodels them in his sports hernia surgery. An engineer can understand it. The structure is so far altered that there is no rehabbing that. He treats you as an object, not as a human and not as live tissue. I’m an athlete for god’s sake. The #1 thing I need is full function this was communicated over and over and over again.

        I’ve already expressed this before but the right side mesh I had was so superficial that even he said he’d never seen it in that placement. The only reason took it out is because mechanically I got worse after having it there. It wasn’t touching any nerves, I have no nerve damage, the mesh is irrelevant here. It’s not the typical mesh you see on these forums. I got it out as a ‘might as well take it out since it didn’t help, while you go through the scar to go fix what they didn’t the first time around”.

        So not only did he not pinpoint the cause of my dysfunction – he caused 10 folds the damage I had before. That’s the issue. What he does cannot be undone unless you seriously damage the tissue.

        So while I appreciate you playing devil’s advocate, this is pretty straight forward and I will not sit by while other people go to this man and put their trust in him.

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        I also want to add that – if I would’ve walked out of there still having my original pain but nothing else – I would not be angry at all.

        I understand that he can try to help me and miss. It happens. My option then is simply to keep looking and someone will eventually find whats going on.

        The problem here is 1) he didn’t fix my original issue
        2) I cannot go see anyone else now because of how extensively he remodelled my groin. Healthy tissues were forever altered. For absolutely no reason. This is effectively worse than having a mesh. At least with the mesh – your tissues are still where they are meant to be.

        I’ve read about several athletes now that have had to go to Meyers after Dr. Brown went to town on them. Dr. Meyers has to literally undo/cut you up to put the muscle tissue back to where its supposed to be.

        All because Dr. Brown cuts you up like salami.

        It’s a nightmare.

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      I read your response to Peter. Of course it’s always good to hear of positive outcomes. I think the reality is that we put ourselves into the hands of these surgeons completely; trusting that nothing can or will go wrong. Or if we hear negative statistics somehow we don’t think it will happen to us. This is what happened to me. I was not a patient of Dr Browns but I was operated on by two other doctors; one of whom is prominently known and often mentioned on this site. He in particular massacred me and forever maimed me with injuries and functional disability that I will never recover from. I’m now practically home bound and I can’t work. My relationship with my wife and son has changed. I’m injured sexually and I’ll probably loose my testicle now. Like Peter I’m depressed although not suicidal. I know there were risks with the surgery but a simple inguinal hernia repair became a series of massive screw ups and I’m left hurt and screwed for life. I did my research and asked a ton of questions but still things didn’t work out. I think these surgeons have a responsibility to stay involved in the post op portion of their cases. Both of my surgeons ran for the hills; one referring me to pain management the other just discharging me without a concrete plan. So unethical and uncaring but not illegal. Anyway I just had to vent as a year post op I am still suffering mightily.

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        Name the doctor who screwed you up. From reading that they took all your nerves out It has to be Dr. Chen because he’s the only maniac pretend-doctor that takes pleasure in hurting his patients with his students.

        Name these people. Don’t let them go on while you suffer for the rest of your life. Make sure someone else doesn’t end up like you.

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      Thunder Rose

      I almost went to Dr. Brown when I thought my inguinal hernia was indirect, as he’s one of the only surgeons in the U.S. advertising a Marcy repair for indirect inguinal hernias. It’s ironic that this attracts those of us seeking a minimally invasive repair. Dr. Brown did impressively correctly predict that my hernia was direct based on a photograph of the bulge. At that point he described to me his operation as a Shouldice repair reinforced with the external oblique aponeurosis either with overlap (Halsted) or immobilization (Desarda). This extra “reinforcement” doesn’t line up with any published accounts of the Shouldice repair that I’ve seen, and I suspect accounts for the slow recoveries I’ve seen reported even by satisfied patients of his. That was my first post on this forum — asking if this was normal to add to the Shouldice (https://herniatalk.com/forums/topic/shouldice-reinforced-with-desarda/)

      I’m grateful to PeterC for sharing his experience. I’m also grateful that this week I had a Shouldice repair and my recovery has been unbelievably easy. I think I started this journey wanting a pure tissue surgeon, but now I suspect that the surgeons who can be choosy about which patients get a tissue repair and only do a tissue repair when appropriate are able to keep their tissue repairs minimally invasive.

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        I’m glad you’re having a great recovery.

        I don’t think by any means that it’s normal for us to go and have to decipher which treatment will not damage us. We don’t go to med school, these are doctors that ”supposedly” specialize in groin issues. They should be able to tell us exactly why they’re doing certain procedures and the effect of it. Or more importantly they should be able to tell us that they don’t know and refer us. It takes a lot of integrity to tell a patient you don’t think its right for them

        If the procedure means you won’t be able to flex your abs properly again, I figure that after 29 years you know this and you should be able to tell the patient so they can make a decision with that in mind. This man advertises that he works with professional athletes all the time.

        Why are they all going to Dr. Meyers then? I guess I had to find out the hard way.

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      When I went to see Dr. Brown – I was a functional athlete. I had chronic pain after activity but still had full abdominal strength

      After Dr. Brown butchered me
      I have – Bilateral spermatic cord sensitivity at all times
      – Bilateral testicle pain
      – Pain/discomfort breathing because he tied every abdominal layer together which damaged the structural integrity of my abdominal wall so on every expansion (breathing in) the different layers cannot properly expand causing pain and stiffness
      – He cut my inguinal ligament which has lost all of its strength and
      is absolutely key to a balanced and strong groin.
      – My digestion is completely shit because again – your digestion depends
      on your abdominal muscles to be functioning as intended in their original configuration (this is well researched, this is why Osteopathy and similar practices exist).
      – My gait is completely messed up because again – groin muscles are all tied up
      – This is slowly leading to hip and knee pain because altered traction of joints due to impairment of supporting soft tissues

      So I walked in with very specific, minimal problems on a healthy athletic body with no body fat and I am now dealing with roughly 10 new issues that I shouldn’t have that are permanent. This should be criminal.

      And for these doctors to dare say ”there’s a treatment for that” after they create these problems – are you insane?

      I DIDN’T HAVE ANY of this. This is like walking to get a tire fixed and getting your car back with 3 windows cracked, a seat missing, and a suspension busted. Oh and instead of fixing the tire, they cut the rubber open tie it together in a knot and expect the wheel to be able to roll smoothly. It’s not possible.

      ”Oh don’t worry there’s a treatment for that”. So I need an even more invasive treatment for something you created.

      I’m sorry but these are real people’s lives that are at stake. I will effectively never recover – for what, for money?

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      Also – just so we’re clear – I am at 5% of what I was before his surgery. This is not a ”slow recovery”. I never recovered from the day I left the surgical center. I cannot recover from this until someone goes in and puts the muscles back where they are supposed to be and I don’t even know if that’s possible. Every single doctor and physio agrees on this.

      I am nearing 9 months of post-op. 9 months of not being able to go on a hike, a bike ride, even a moderately long walk. 9 months of not being able to work let alone do my actual job of a professional dancer and teacher.

      I’m effectively disabled.

      Please please please, do not go to Dr. Brown. I know the struggle is all these horror stories of people removing nerves, people putting mesh in etc. But I’d frankly be better off if I had a mesh on my inguinal canal right now. It would be less traumatic to go remove that and fix me than it is to fix me after Dr. Brown butchered me.

      I sincerely hope nobody else has to find themselves in this situation ever again.

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      Just to respond- my horror story is not due to Dr Chen but another oft mentioned highly respected surgeon on this site.

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