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      Jordan Fitz

      Hey all,

      Just had my Bard Perfix Plug + Patch removed, it’s never been about the money, but I’m going to raise some hell now that I’m recovering. I’ve spoke to the top hernia surgeons and they all agree plugs are laughable excuses for a repair. I want to play my part to attempt to get this junk off the market.

      Any Lawyer recommendations?


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      Good intentions

      I think that it would depend on what your end goal is. You can be specific toward the doctor that implanted it but they have the mesh producer behind them, plus most of them don’t realize the harm they cause. You can try to impact the mesh producer but they are very powerful, with massive funding to pay their own team of lawyers.

      Here is a couple of recent articles that give a pretty good picture of how things are out there. It’s good that you had a pretty healthy run, ten years, before you had problems. As far as the complex is concerned though, you’re a success. You were able to continue working, supporting the economy.

      Mesh ads are directed at the surgeons. They believe the hype. The same people in industry that did transvaginal mesh are doing hernia mesh. It’s all one big market opportunity. The mesh makers just do the math on how to keep the profit margins up and pay out accordingly.

      Good luck, but don’t get too caught up in trying to make somebody pay. There is a lot of money in hernia repair mesh.

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      Mike M

      There are just under 60k active mesh related lawsuits per year and growing in the United States alone with 800k new mesh repairs per year that comes out to 7.5% of all new mesh cases per year.

      Obviously some of those cases are multi-year litigation but even so that is still something to ponder.

      Additionally many countries overseas like Australia and Scotland have moved the mesh repair into the HIGH risk category.

      I think certain meshes have their place but it just shouldn’t always be the go to “gold standard”, especially for younger active patients. imho.

      I think there are some incredibly skilled surgeons that can install it correctly and have lifetime success like Dr. Towfigh, Dr. Yunis, Cleveland Clinic but the same can be said about open tissue repair and you aren’t dealing with the possibility of a mesh mishap.

      Best way to find an Attorney for anything is to do your research. Find an experienced *trial* attorney that the insurance do not want to fight in court. You might want to talk to Dr. Grischkan in Cleveland, OH as he has extensive experience in winning mesh cases as an expert witness against mesh.

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      The thread is old but I still wanna add something. While I can’t provide specific lawyer recommendations, it’s important to find a lawyer who specializes in cases like yours. They can help you navigate the legal process and fight for justice.
      You might want to check out for helpful legal information and resources. They may have valuable insights or even recommendations to assist you in finding a lawyer.
      Remember, it’s crucial to find a lawyer with expertise in medical device lawsuits and hernia repairs. They’ll be best equipped to handle your case effectively.

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      Just stumbled upon this thread, and it caught my attention. It’s interesting to hear about your experience with the Bard Perfix Plug + Patch. Sounds like you’re ready to raise some hell and take action now that you’re recovering. Good for you!
      By the way, while I was browsing online, I came across some legal info about what to do after an injury. If any of you are in a similar situation, you might find this link useful: It’s got some solid advice on how to navigate the aftermath.
      As a newbie on this forum, I’m eager to learn from all of you and contribute to the discussions. If you have any other stories or tips about dealing with legal matters, feel free to share them.

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